Pension Plan Administration

We offer consulting, company analysis, plan creation and administration. Our actuary has 18 years experience administering plans nationwide. We do retirement plan administration for:

  • 412(e)3 defined benefit plans
  • 401(k) plans including safe-harbor
  • 408(k) simplified plans
  • 403(b) plans for charitable organizations
  • Profit Sharing plans including age-weighted allocations
This includes the preparation of
  • Annual Valuation Report
  • Forms 5500/5500-EZ as necessary
  • 401(m)Actual Contribution Test
  • 402(g) Maximum Deferral Limit Test
  • 414(s) Compensation Test
  • Benefit Statements and Payout Packages Consulting
We also offer
  • Plan Documentation
  • Analysis of and solutions for existing plan issues
  • Present Value Calculations
  • Studies of ongoing or potential pension plans
  • Expert witness
  • Multi-employer Plan consulting
  • GASB 25/27 Valuations
  • GASB 54/45 Valuations
We also provide analysis and solutions for old plans. Contact or call (530) 320-3287.

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