Private Placement Analysis and Consulting

Over the past thirty years, I've spent many an hour analyzing hundreds of prospectus, offering memoranda, and private placements. I've written over twenty of them myself. I enjoy finding the good and the bad parts, summarizing them for easier decision-making. They haven't changed much. They are still densely-written documents, which repeat the same information several times. One needs to know where to look for pertinent data. After reading so many, I have an overview of what is customary and what terms are reasonable. Big names don't matter. I've seen very bad private deals issued by well-known pubicly-traded companies.

In the past few months I've reviewed and issued reports on real estate, oil & gas, ethanol plants, mezzanine financing, and provided recommendations.

Fairly regularly, I hear of good-hearted people who have lost hundreds of thousands because they didn't seek advice. Getting this advice is crucially important to your future, because once money has been sent, it is generally stuck, so it is vital to understand the relative risks and rewards before investing.

You may have received a prospectus and offering documents from a broker you know, or even a cold call. Before signing up, get an unbiased opinion. Call me at 530.320.3287 or write I can generally provide a timely response.

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