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One Useful Rule
29 June 2009
One useful rule which I learned 40 years ago, is all one needs to protect against the Madoffs of the world. Read more...

Observations on the Banking Crisis
15 October 2008
A famous statesman's letter sheds light on the banking crisis. Read more...

There is No Time Like the Present
17 April 2004
Others write about the Present in other contexts. How does this apply to investing? Read more...

Superior Returns from Average Indicators
February 2009
Moving average crossover (MAC) methods can make more money than a "buy and hold" (BAH) strategy. MAC is an effective form of risk control for long-term growth. Read more...

More Debt is Not the Answer
November 2008
Perhaps the great lesson of the world debt crisis is to regain our empathy, our humanity. Read more...

A Modest Proposal to Mitigate the Housing Crisis
November 2008
What I learned in the S&L crisis that could revive our housing market. Read more...

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