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Just curious

This web site is for residents of California and Texas. With a 30-year history of success across diverse sectors and market conditions, Easan Katir provides wealth management for families, individuals and retirement plans.

Although his companies have capitalized, managed and profitably exited private placements in the past, he currently deploys capital in minority interests of publicly traded companies listed on US exchanges, where he finds sufficient opportunity and rewards commensurate with risks in the most liquid, diverse investment market in the world.

Katir has conducted extensive studies and analysis of the markets, has written for financial publications, and has appeared on CNBC and Bloomberg television. He is a Registered Investment Advisor in California and Texas. He graduated from the University of Southern California financial planning program in 1985, and earned a CFP designation the same year, though does not currently practice as a CFP and focuses on portfolio management.. From 1983 through 1985 he was a Branch Office Manager with Private Ledger, and from 1985 through 1991 owner of Easan Katir & Co, a boutique broker/dealer in California which capitalized and operated 21 private partnerships, all of which were profitable.

This year Katir, a fourth-generation Californian, celebrates 33 years of marriage, has two grown children, served the City of Davis as a Finance Commissioner, and as Financial Secretary for the Sunset Parlor of the Native Sons of the Golden West, currently is a trustee of the Rae Hagan Opportunities Fund, a Board member of International House Davis, where he chairs the Business Development Committee.

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